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Our office offers visual field testing for early detection of glaucoma and neurological conditions. It is one of the useful tools your doctor uses to detect any changes in your vision. Generally, most people pay attention to central vision such as when you are reading or watching television. Occasionally, certain eye diseases can affect the peripheral of your visual field. This is much less noticeable and most people do not know that they have lost vision until it is too late. This safe procedure, tests the field of vision to ensure there are no abnormal blind spots in each eye.

To do this test, the doctor or technician will cover one eye at a time to view a light in the middle of the device. While looking at one point only, small flashes of light will appear in the peripheral of your vision at varying brightness levels.  The patient’s role is to press a button every time a flash of light is noticed. Each eye takes approximately 5-10 minutes to test. Your doctor or technician will ensure you are comfortable and informed throughout the entire procedure.

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